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Unity Consortium Global Survey

Unity Consortium Global Survey

Beliefs and Attitudes Towards
Adolescent Health

Understanding parents, adolescents and healthcare providers' views on preventive healthcare and immunization.

Select insights derived from Unity Global Survey* comparing the perspectives of teens ages 13 – 18, parents of teens ages 13 – 18, and healthcare providers in the US, Canada, Germany, Portugal:

  • A significant gap exists between healthcare providers and teens/parents on teens’ understanding that their current behaviors have lifelong health consequences
  • The far majority of teens trust and rely on their parents, while parents trust their healthcare provider for health and immunization information and advice
  • Many teens and parents share misconceptions about not needing to see a doctor unless they/their teens are sick
  • Just over half of teens and parents have some concerns about the safety of vaccination, with social media contributing to the concerns of many teens and parents

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*Unity global survey was supported by Pfizer, Inc., a member of Unity Consortium.  The global survey was conducted online by Harris Poll in 2016/2017 among 1,356 teens ages 13-18, 1,365 parents of teens, 937 primary care physicians and 280 pharmacists in the US, Canada, Germany and Portugal. For complete global survey methodology, please contact Unity at [email protected].